Thursday, October 9, 2008

The journey back

It's Alive Again!! Well, it's never easy to revive a blog again after such a long lay off. Im so sorry but i really didn't have the time to sit down and pen things down. Many have encouraged me to share about my summer experience, but there is too much that i cant even begin to recollect. I could literally write a book entitled 'My Summer Experience' which could possibly be a best seller too. Not because of my writing skills, but purely the things that had taken place. As i reflect on my 4 months back home i should be coming out with a couple of posts along the way. For now, lets talk about the present and the future.

I had a terribly mixed feeling about coming back to the UK. So many things had happened and many more promised for the future. My relationship with my family grew to new heights, the rapport among my cousins tighten and the friendship with my friends strengthen. The goodbyes were hard to make and the Lord was gracious enough to allow my Visa to be delayed for 2 weeks so that i could prepare and compose myself. As i said my final goodbyes to my family as i walked towards the boarding gate, a sudden feeling of loneliness fell upon me. I had never felt anything like that in a long long time. I plugged on my ipod hoping to distract myself from the feeling and the 1st song that came up on the screen was 'Not alone' by BarlowGirl. At that moment, i felt as if God was sitting next to me and giving me a pat on the back. What followed was a great flight to London which i slept most of the way.

I touched down on Sunday the 5th of October. My friend Claris was kind enough to pick me up from the airport or i would end up lugging my 4 bags on the bus and back to Uxbridge. As i stepped out of the airport i was welcomed with the typical rainy and depressing English weather. What fun... I went straight for church after leaving my bags at my new rented house. I was greeted warmly by church members and friends. Apparently, the whole church has been praying for me to get my Visa. Not so that i could come back, but that they weren't protecting an illegal immigrant. hehe.. It was a nice gesture though. Worship service that day was awesome and it was good to be back on British soil. After the usual setting down of church, we adjourned to the pastor's house for lunch. It was a great time just to catch up with some friends. One of the leaders, Vijay and Pastor also discussed about my involvement in the church for the next year. It was an opening that i have been praying about for the past year. Praise the Lord! It looks like an exciting year ahead.

Dear Lord, I just wanna thank you for your graciousness and patience. Thank you for your awesome hand at work. I pray that I will continue to work in Your ways only as i look forward to the year ahead. Thank You so much. Amen.

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