Saturday, September 29, 2007

CAUGHT at the London tube

Finally im back to some sort of civilisation.. am at Herman's(Colin's younger brother) house in London. Came here on thursday after meeting up with Ryan. We certainly had a great time catching up and spending time at his cousin aunty's place. It's always really nice to meet someone from your own town in another country.
Anyway, on Wednesday we were suppose to meet at Victoria ticket station. I was waiting at the tube(like lrt or mrt) ticket station while Ryan was waiting at the train ticket station. I was carry my bag pack and a hand carry while waiting at the counter. I also wore a black cap and was looking out for Ryan. Suddenly, 3 policemen walked up to me and pulled me to a corner. Here's the conversation. p-policeman, i-isaac

p: excuse sir could u pls tell me why are u standing here?
i: im actually waiting for a fren, we are suppose to meet here
p: can i have your ID pls and pls put your bags at that corner thank you
i: (puts bags down n smiles)
p: This is no offence sir but we are part of the anti-terrorism body and we will like to check your bag. Is there anything inside that will hurt me if i open it?
i: Errr... no
p:(checks bag while the other policeman calls some embassy or something to check my name)
p:Alright, pls fill in this form for me and all your particulars. dun worry no record will be kept.
i:(???? then why do i need to fill in my particulars)
p:Thank you for your patience, hope you enjoy London
i:Thank you

Well, i kept a copy of that particulars sheet cos it says British Police or something. Quite an interesting thing to happen on your first time on the London tube. Well, Ryan n i had a good laugh bout it.(Ryan has a 2nd part of the story i will let him tell that.. hehe..)
It's been really cold in London this few days. It rained the whole of yesterday so i had to stay home for the whole of yesterday. But it was rally nice to catch up with some ppl. Had a chat with a couple of my aunts back home. did a very onteresting conference call with mich, tien n ly. Mich was so excited bout the conference call cos we were all in 3 different countries. I think skype is just simply incredible.
Anyway, will be going to visit London today and going to Chinatown on sunday b4 heading back to Uni. Orientation will start on Monday and hopefully i can get everything into place as quickly as possible. Well miss u all back home.. i think yf is starting now... love ya

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Unexpected turn of events

Checked into campus yesterday and realised that my orietation only starts next week instead of today.. sigh.. some serious communication problem.. the worst thing is that u practically cant do anything until u have enrolled and get your student ID and everything.. so no internet, no joining the sports club.. no nothing.. real frustrating.. sigh..
But i mean everything might turn out just well as i have some time to get used to the place here... am currently in the Library in Uxbridge town.. bout 20 minutes walk from my campus... might be meeting Ryan tomoro and will go stay in another frens house for the weekend.. orientation starts only on Monday fro the whole week.. Classes start only on the 8th of October... so i hope i can get some internet lines around... We live in a world that is so dependant on technology.. well.. have been thinking bout how ppl actually live without it last time.. anyway... since we already have it.. just make use of it la.. haha... till then everybody... im well here... hope u are too..

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Arriving in London

Just arrived in London. The flight took about 13 hours and it was not pleasant. Sitting with 2 huge Aussies in the pathetically small SIA airplane was definitely not enjoyable. I thank God that at least i could sleep for a couple of hours to take away some agony.
Anyway, my cousins gave me an unexpected surprise yesterday at the airport. Really did not expect them to come because wei wey kept saying that she was busy and stuff.. haha.. really thank you all for coming it meant a lot... Friends from singapore and Kluang made the trip too.. it was really nice to see them at the airport..
Well, am now at a friends house now.. Very tired but am actually getting ready to go to church in a while.. some Evangelical Church of some sort.. will certainly be interesting to see how the churches here are like... anyway... will only be going over to the University tomorrow... till then..

Friday, September 21, 2007

The time has come

well.. the time has come.. i love the song from the UNITED live album UNITED WE STAND... as the the Word of God says:"A man has to leave his father and mother to be with his wife..." dun worry im not getting married yet.. it kind of feels that way.. "A boy has to leave his father and mother to learn to be a man". At this point of time, first and foremost I would say i will have to learn to be a MAN after God's own heart first. Well, im sure this journey forward is just another step and challenge God is taking me.
Jit had to give me a little lesson on packing yesterday too.. i think if not for him i would stillbe in Kluang right now(am in singapore now). some ral last minute packing doesn't help at all. I always do so many other things first, esp meeting other people. sigh... sad that will have to leave everything and that life that i have known for the full 20 years of my life.. Thanks for all your wishes and encouragement. I hope i have left something with you all back in Kluang, my friends in Malaysia and other parts of the world. I hope that i have left something that has encouraged and motivated you to run towards the Crown of righteousness. I pray for God's bountiful blessings to be on all of you.
THANKS you guys n gals for being a blessing to me. LOVE you all.. God bless...
p/s prepare the tear tsunami is coming to malaysia n singapore... haha..
Flight SQ322 11.20pm departure from singapore

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Welcome people of the earth


oh hi.. sorry for this terrible picture because i am not a person who likes taking pictures(wink moon & potato) of myself so this is the best i can get. It was actually between this and my baby photo.. Well lets just say that i grew quite a bit... haha... anyway.. i have a blog at last.. i use to give people lectures on why sometimes blogs are the biggest waste of time.. yeah... so why am i doing it now? WEll.. it's bcos i love u people and i know that you all will be concerned about whether im commiting any crime out there or not..haha...

Well for all those who are yet to know, the 2nd biggest guy in town(2nd only to jit) is leaving this little but vibrant town of Kluang. Some people are soffucating so i need to sacrifice myself to free up some air.. hehe.. Am actually going to study in the UK... Brunel University, Uxbridge West London. So this is the best way to keep communication, update and ensure you people that i am behaving myself. -to the next -to the next