Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another dimension of Love..

Its been a hectic few weeks for me. Final year of university isn't easy at all. Church ministries have been piling up with even more responsibilities to be taken, but its been exciting. My other involvements in ministries both in Malaysia and outside have been pouring in. I thank God for those opportunities, but its been a tremendous challenge. Keeping a daily routine hasn't been as easy as it was with random things cropping up most of the time. Yet it seems that time hasn't gone by as fast as i thought it will. Or at least i had hoped...

I had an assignment due today and finished it in double quick time, to my delight. I didn't want anything to interfere with what many called as my 'big' day. I wanted a day where i can just relax and chill out. So, after a long thought i decided to get Dominoes pizza and watch a movie for the night. The movie i picked out from the pastor's house was 'Fireproof'.

I somehow missed out watching that movie quite a few times, and many people raved about it. But somehow on numerous occasions, i just didn't manage to watch that movie. Now i know why, because it maybe wasn't time yet. God told me on my flight back to London in early October. He said that He had a final piece of the puzzle for me for this season. He only said one word, Love.

1 Corinthians 13:4-13 are verses that describe Love. I have heard numerous messages on love. I know that God loves me and many other people whom i care about. I know that it was love that put Christ on the cross and all that. I know that we will never achieve perfect love. I know that each day we learn lessons to love our neighbour, enemy, irritating person etc. It wasn't until I watched 'Fireproof' that it all just suddenly clicked.

The covenant love of marriage. The love of Christ with the church as the bride. I don't really know how to describe, but its as if i have been just hit with a brick. Its as if I am in another dimension of Love that I have never been nor encountered before. Ever since the beginning of this year, I seem to be on this journey which leads to what many call 'a relationship' or 'marriage' if you're talking about the end product. I have come across so many movies talking about love. I've had books on marriage and relationships given to me. I've had God open my eyes to possibilities out there. I have had opportunities that put love to the test. I have been learning about covenant. It all seems to be piecing together.

Is it just the age to be exposed to this stuff? Or is God just preparing me for it?

Well, I guess I just got my answer today. The day i turned 22. I was reluctant to turn 22 because 21 just seems like such a nice number. I think God chose this day to reveal to me His plan and His preparation for my new journey of Love. I am ready, and eager to learn all there is to learn. The responsibility of a man seems tremendous (as i have also been studying and learning about manhood) according to biblical standards. I knew it was important but after my recent studies, goodness no wonder they needed two separate words to describe males.

All i can say is, that it's going to be an exciting year ahead!

Lord, i thank you for giving me this experience. Thank you for speaking to me about this new journey that we are embarking together. Help me throw away my childish ways and grow with maturity in You. Lord, i want to be the Man that you purposed me to be. The father to the generations, like you have been the Father to the generation before. I pray God for your mercy and grace. For Your Name's sake, Amen.


enilit said...

Fireproof's a good movie. =) I like it too.

Charismatic said...

Hi isaac.ahhh....i read a lot into those statements....:)...but good on ya. are you going to be back in M'sia in Jan/ Feb or March?

Father Lim said...

Looks like you are getting closer to "enlightenment" in the area of LOVE :P

Ryan said...

So emo!!!!!!! :P

eunice said...

Glad that you're realizing that the Love journey has begun. Happy for you, and will be even happier when they day comes that you are together with your Love.

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